Site Changelog

New Theme and Minor Upgrades

I stumbled across this theme oh… several hours ago and was quite taken with it. It’s pretty clean, it’s pretty simple, and it’s GREEN! How fitting. 🙂 So, “Commando” is the new default theme for my site. Finally, more photos were added today! Quite a few. And Steph should be adding more. (Note: many of the new photos will be private access only)

Photos Online

The Photo Gallery is coming along nicely. I’ve been working on adding in my old photos from the previous photo album software I’d written myself. I’ve also added in several photos and albums that are completely new. Everyone seems to want me to put up wedding photos. 🙂 Well don’t worry, they are coming… in time.

Old System 2 Geeklog

Huzzah! Again! After working with WordPress for a while, it was nice, but it didn’t quite cover some of my needs out of the box. Then I discovered Gallery and set it up for my brother-in-law. I was hooked. I needed a blogging system that would let me use Gallery, too. Enter Geeklog! This software is great! It’s got all the user features I was looking for, it integrates with Gallery, it was easy to import my existing blog data to, AND, it has features and plugins I can add in to make my site much fancier, should I ever want them in the future.

Old System 2 WordPress Conversion

Hurrah! I’ve actually made headway on converting my blog! I’ve converted all my core content from the old database to the new wordpress format. However, I still need to to do a bit of cleanup on it, tweak some things here and there. I need to get my quotes working, some clever hack should make that work, and if I’ve seen anything, it’s that lots of people hack wordpress. 🙂 I’m also looking into getting a much nicer theme for the site, but that will come in due time.