What is holyarmy.org? In short, it is a vanity domain. It exists for little more reason than to provide me a place to put stuff online, put friend’s and family’s stuff online, provide a consistent e-mail address for friends and family, etc.

Who is behind this site? This site is run by Benjamin Sherman (me). I am a:

  • Jesus follower
  • husband
  • father
  • guitarist (4 & 6 string)
  • software developer
  • soldier (former)
  • gamer
  • fun loving geek

Why? Why not?

Why use Hugo? If you look through the Site Changelog posts, you’ll see I’ve used different tools over time. Originally, this site was pure static HTML, then a custom home-grown PHP & mysql solution I developed for fun. After that, I started looking for tools which had more features and would make it easier and more productive for me to use my site. WordPress has a huge user base and seemed very easy to manage. I’m liking it so far. 🙂 After several years, Wordpress' success is also its downfall. It is a prime target for hackers, and frankly I’m tired of managing it. It’s past time for the move to static site generation and hugo fit the bill.