Site Changelog

Switching to Hugo

The time has come to move to a new platform. Over the years, Wordpress (in various forms) has served reasonably well, but it is a constantly moving target. Since it is SO popular, it must constantly be upgraded, maintained, etc. Both security and performance are significant concerns. When I first started blogging, it seemed SO COOL to have a dynamic website. But in recent history, it’s just become a hassle.

Updates to WPG2, and others

I keep the WordPress code on this site up to date with security and bugfix updates as they come out. Same for Gallery and the plugins. But today I saw that the WPG2 plugin had been updated from version 2.x to 3.0. This plugin integrates my gallery with my wordpress blog. In the old version, I had to hack up my theme and add custom widgets in order to display random image widgets and get a “Photo Gallery” tab to show up in my page list by the header of the page.

WordPress Blog Goes Live for All of

I’ve decided to finally put this blog site out for public viewing. Never before has my blog been the base from which all of extends, so this is micro-monumentous. I have kept the links that were on the former front page in the “Stuff @” link section, but there was not much more to keep. Granted I’ve ‘officially published’ the site, but I still expect to make substantial changes.

Re-Conversion to WordPress

After much non-use and non-posting, I have been working to get this blog functional again. Spending a year in Iraq didn’t do a lot of good for my website maintenance, so that has contributed a bit to my delay. Having come home with a clear mind, it now seems that Geeklog is a bit of overkill for my personal needs. Also, basic theme modifications require more mucking about the PHP source code then I care to do.