WordPressMU Plugin Commander

I’m solidly impressed with the WPMU Plugin Commander. One thing that seemed odd to me about WPMU was that I either enable users to have plugin control, or NO ONE (not even the site admin) has the ability to enabled/disable plugins (without a lot of hacking). This plugin provides a control panel where I can globally enable/disable plugins, set plugins to be auto-enabled for new blogs, and give users the ability to enable/disable only selected plugins.

WordPress Regenerate Thumbnail Plugin

I was literally sitting down to write a plugin that did this, when I stumbled across Viper007’s Regenerate Thumbnail plugin. I could still write my own version, but eh, what’s the point. 🙂 Seems to work great!

Use vi key bindings in bash

A long time ago I used ksh with vi key bindings, and life was good. Then I moved on to bash, but for some reason, I never investigated using vi key bindings. I simply lived with the defaults (which, for the record, are emacs-like key bindings). So, just the other day I said to myself, “Self, I want to use vi key bindings in bash. I want to again experience the joy of traversing and editing my command line in COMMAND MODE.

A Project Idea: iPhoto to WordPress [gallery] Export

I’ve been spending some time getting my son’s blog setup. In doing so, I discovered that as of WordPress 2.5, there is built-in [ gallery ] functionality. Though it isn’t full featured, it’s pretty nice, and perfectly integrated with WordPress, since, well, it IS WordPress. Currently the process to put photos into a gallery is: Choose photos in iPhoto Export chosen files to disk Create new WordPress post Add media via WordPress uploader This isn’t too bad, especially for a geek who’s used to lots of arcane workarounds to accomplish simple goals.

Good Post on Using Ant for Solid Build Process

I use Ant for my Java projects. It’s a great and powerfule build too. However, there’s always more than can be done to improve the quality of the build process. I found this nice article that gives some good examples of a complete build process with Ant: dev, test, prod, etc.