updates to the custom PHP codebase

This week I’ve made several major and minor changes to the website code. I’ll start keeping track of what I do here. It’s high time I know what I do when with this site. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Database:

    • Added hit counter tables

      • Added an order column for topics

        • Added link table

          • changed date fields in links and quotes to datetime fields

          • Libraries:

            • Added Date_Calc class library for better handling of dates and formatting of dates. (File: Calc.php)

              • Used in new code, haven’t yet retrofitted old code to use.

                • Added Counter function for tracking visits to each page and direct visits to articles. (File: hit_counter.php)

                  • Added my_escape_SQL_single_quote function for cleaner data in database.

                    (File: my_utils.php)

                    • Added functions for clean date formatting. (File: my_utils.php)
                    • Admin Tools:
                      • Improved robustness and error checking on news posting code.
                        • Eliminated code that was putting slashes into my database by instead passing database bound strings through my_escape_SQL_single_quote.
                          • Added quote management tools