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Safari Session Save & Restore with ForgetMeNot

My foray into the Mac OS X world is fraught with daily challenges as I try to learn my way around this new environment.

Firefox has long been my browser of choice on Windows and Linux. So now, I’ve used it on Mac, and while I still like it, I’ve felt the urge to try out “Mac native” apps such as the bundled Safari web browser. For the most part, switching to Safari meant learning new keyboard shortcuts, but one thing that was really killing me is that if I closed Safari or it crashed, I lost all my tabs. I am a pretty heavy user of the auto session save in Firefox.

So, I found ForgetMeNot. This great little GPL’d plugin for Safari does exactly what it says, it saves, then reloads windows and tabs when I relaunch Safari. No frills, no extras, no money (but please feel free to donate). I’m a fan of tools that do their job well. This one does it.

Tabbing to HTML Form Elements in Mac Web Browsers

So, I’m a MacOS newbie, just switched over from Windoze / Linux. I figured, it’s cool, things “just work”, and it’s got a Un*x/BSD core. What else is there? Hehe, the interface has definitely been a challenge.

So, the first huge problem that drove me nutz was that in Firefox, I couldn’t tab to checkboxes, some buttons, multi-select boxes, etc. I asked around, but found others with the same problem.

Google to the rescue! I found this summary of how to fix the problem: http://www.tonyspencer.com/2006/05/02/tab-skips-select-form-fields-in-mac-browsers/