VPN on Ubuntu Linux with Juniper Network Connect

There’s one standard document on HOWTO get Network Connect working on Ubuntu Linux. It’s mad scientist’s doc: http://mad-scientist.us/juniper.html . However, there are a few things not covered. I’ll assume that you’ve followed mad scientist’s excellent guide before going any further. Issue #1: 64-bit Ubuntu By default, when you install java on your 64-bit system, you get a 64-bit java. No surprise there, right? Well, Juniper’s tools don’t play nice with 64-bit java.


I recently purchased a Mac Mini to be my home media computer. I plan to blog more about that later. For now, the only tricky thing about using a Mini has been using my TV for a monitor. There’s a lot of noise on the web (or Google at least) when trying to search for a solution to using a Mini’s DVI output on LCD TV’s. Typically they recommend using DisplayConfigX or SwitchResX to tweak your display modelines, timing, resolution, and just generally dive deeper than I like into display configuration.

Drive Free, Retire Rich

I discovered J.D.’s Get Rich Slowly personal finance blog a few months ago and have read it off and on since then. Today I noticed he had a link to an excellent slideshow resource provided by Dave Ramsey. So, go watch how you and I can both Drive Free and Retire Rich.

Jive Launches SBS and a Rocket

My company is amazing. In preparation for the launch of our new product, some of the team got together to launch a rocket. After all, NASA uses Jive, so why shouldn’t we use rockets? There was one dude on site who managed to catch this awesome snapshot!Jive Launches the SBS Rocket!

Updating RubyGems on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

I’m just posting a simple tip today. I was wanting to play around with the very cool SASS meta-language using Compass. The language and tool are implemented in Ruby, which is pre-installed on OS X, but as I discovered, I needed a newer version of RubyGems. I had already known I needed to update Gems, so I was doing the following: $ sudo gem update Eventually I got errors like this: