I recently purchased a Mac Mini to be my home media computer. I plan to blog more about that later. For now, the only tricky thing about using a Mini has been using my TV for a monitor. There’s a lot of noise on the web (or Google at least) when trying to search for a solution to using a Mini’s DVI output on LCD TV’s. Typically they recommend using┬áDisplayConfigX or SwitchResX to tweak your display modelines, timing, resolution, and just generally dive deeper than I like into display configuration.

Drive Free, Retire Rich

I discovered J.D.’s Get Rich Slowly personal finance blog a few months ago and have read it off and on since then. Today I noticed he had a link to an excellent slideshow resource provided by Dave Ramsey. So, go watch how you and I can both Drive Free and Retire Rich.

Jive Launches SBS and a Rocket

My company is amazing. In preparation for the launch of our new product, some of the team got together to launch a rocket. After all, NASA uses Jive, so why shouldn’t we use rockets? There was one dude on site who managed to catch this awesome snapshot!Jive Launches the SBS Rocket!

I Bought a New Camera

I’ve been a bit obsessive this week as I’ve been trying to research and find a new camera that I would really like. The last one died last weekend… so we were facing the trip home for Christmas with no camera! Before Beaumin was born, not having a camera for a few weeks would have been a non-issue, but now, we take multiple pictures a day!

I talked with several friends who are way more “camera geeky” than I am… I’m pretty ignorant of photography for the most part, but I wouldn’t mind learning a bit more. So I only had a few basic criteria:

  • Pretty decent low-light (indoor) photos
  • Use AA batteries (I really like having easy access to spares in a pinch)
  • Some advanced features so I can learn more if I get motivated

Not required but very nice to have items were:

  • Big optical zoom (because its really nice)
  • Viewfinder (because sometimes glare just makes LCDs useless)
  • Semi-fast flash recharge

It was soon obvious that I was looking for an “Advanced Point and Shoot” for which a few of the top players were Nikon’s P80 and Canon’s SX10 IS. I have some friends who are die-hard Nikon fans and others who are die-hard Canon fans, so this was tricky. ­čÖé

I Like Jive and So Do Others

I got a real kick out of reading this blog post today. It’s cool to see good feedback on the company I work for and our flagship product, Clearspace. Of course, since I’m friends with Matt (mentioned in the post), it’s nice to know he’s doing a good job. Gotta keep him on his toes! ­čÖé D00d!