Flood Tragedy in the Mid-West

I’m currently packing to move to Portland, Oregon, but I grew up in the Iowa City, Iowa area and have lived in the Des Moines, Iowa area for the last 5 years.

The last week has brought massive flooding to much of the mid-west, Des Moines and Iowa City included. There’s been national news coverage, and locally its the only thing happening. Massive flood work and relief efforts are underway everywhere. There was a similar devastating flood in 1993. This flood is worse, but at least there’s been a lot of warning. A lot of people had days to prepare, evacuate, move belongings to safety, etc.

My family and I are safe and well. My in-laws had a flooded basement due to the exceptionally high water table, but that’s manageable. My parents’ church building is completely under water, but they were able to move everything in the building to a safe location before the flooding hit them. At their home they don’t have internet or phone, but they do have power, and the cell phone is providing basic email for now.

My sister has posted flikr photos of the flood in the Iowa City area, as has her boyfriend Joe in this blog post.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen has coverage of the flood in the Iowa City area (link to front page as the “photos” link isn’t working).

In Des Moines, two friends have posted flood pics: Colin and Mark.

The Des Moines Register has photos and coverage of the flood in the Des Moines area.