Monthly Archives: August 2003

Content Change

Due to personal and professional considerations, the journal content of this blogsite has been removed.

I will make a substantial effort to focus on updating the topical content, and I intend to add technical topics for java and compters, etc.

Postings similar to the journal content will continue on private mailing lists. Please contact me via email should you wish to be added to such a mailing list.

Update, Oct 4, 2003: My apoligies for not updating this like I said I would. Getting a new job, moving, going to school for the Army, settling into new apartment, settling into new job, and finding time for life have taken more time than anticipated. Will post an update soon, I hope.

code cleanup

  • Main Pages:
    • consolidated and cleaned up code; less redundant code is good
    • added HTTP referer display code
    • resized big photos for consistency and space saving
    • renamed templates from *.ihtml to *.html
    • fixed a bug in “content_individual.html” blog template